Sunday, September 29, 2013

Part 2: The Strategic Leap Forward In Time

Marjorie argued with Cree that Carson was not good enough for her - she did not want her granddaughter to make the same bad choices that her son had made.

 Despite their many disputes, Cree stuck to her guns and told her Grandmother in clear terms to butt out. She was going to date Carson, she would make up her own mind, "And stop treating me like that no-good father of mine. I'm nothing like him or my deadbeat's those two freeloaders you should be picking on Gransma....not me!"

 Marjorie had to admire Cree's spunk and she thought about what she'd said. Curtis and Leonie were living a pretty comfortable life, under her roof, while she slaved away trying to reach the top of her profession. They were only interested in playing music and partying every night. They barely contributed anything to the household. And one day she told Curtis what she thought of him.

"Oh there you are still in your robe at 2pm of an afternoon...." she disdainfully commented.
"Well all this comes to an end right now."

"What's up Mum?" Curtis asked, uncertainly.
 "Time for you to get some independence son. Your sister has long moved out. You can do the same! Take this as your week's notice....and take your wife with you."
Curtis was dumbstruck.

Marjorie stuck to her guns. She was a ruthless movie director now...she was no longer going to deal with unproductive hangers on at her house - or at her job.

 Cree and Carson began to go steady and they, of course, fell deeply in love.

 Cree stayed with Luke and Marjorie and grew into a beautiful, if somewhat neurotic, young woman. It was remarkable that she was not more scarred by her parent's neglect. But she had Carson now and she knew she was happy.

On her 21st birthday Carson proposed marriage. You can tell by her reaction - it was going to be a "Yes!"

 Sadly, Marjorie would not make it to the wedding. One day, as she was leaving the studio after a particularly gruelling shoot, she felt a little strange. There was a weird tingling sensation in her arm and right side. Marjorie suffered a severe stroke and collapsed.

 She died alone outside the studio she had worked so hard to make a success.

Luke Hans had lost the love of his life. He was never the same.

The wedding went ahead anyway. It was a poignant ceremony in the very same church where Luke and Marjorie had tied the knot all those years ago. Cree noted that her father showed up, but her mother did not.

 She was used to it by now. She only had eyes for Carson Ogilvie anyway.

 Luke spent a lot of time reflecting late at night on the life he and Marjorie had made. He had some regrets of course. He would have preferred not to have been a criminal all his life. He had done his best to make it up to Marjorie and his children. He was happy with how it had all turned out, Cree was the best granddaughter.

 And soon, she and Carson had made Luke a great-grandfather. This is Liberty Ogilvie

 The apple of her father's eye.

And the sunshine of her great-grandfather's world.

Comment: Yes! I have taken a 5 month break from this random legacy challenge blog. The actual game has moved ahead a lot further than the blog. I still want to continue with the challenge, so I need to bring the blog up to speed a bit more quickly than I'd like, in order to catch up so I can continue the blog as well. So this and and the next few posts will sort of be less detailed and more like summaries of the major events to get up to date.

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